Welcome to Moondance Organic Gardens!

We are your local family market farm, located in Angus, ON.

Our farm mandate is to create a sustainable family farm that promotes community and access to fresh, local nutritious food. We aim to be a place of health and healing through an involvement with nature.

We are committed to growing our food and business in an ecologically sustainable manner. We believe everyone should have access to food that fuels their health, have access to space to enjoy nature and be able to talk to their farmer.

What do we offer at our farm?

Garden Centre

Open Thursday to Saturday 9am - 4pm down the driveway behind the barn. Get your garden growing with our seedlings, organic seeds, native plants, perennials and more! Wander through the Garden Centre and get expert advice from Farmer Kim on planting your garden.

Discover the joy of cultivating a vibrant garden that not only beautifies your space but also supports local ecosystems. Our selection includes carefully curated plants and seeds that are perfect for both novice gardeners and seasoned horticulturists. Whether you're looking to attract pollinators with bright, blooming flowers or grow your own fresh vegetables and herbs, we have everything you need to get started.

Join our gardening community today and share your journey with fellow enthusiasts. Attend our workshops to learn new skills, exchange tips, and become part of a supportive network that celebrates the love of gardening. Let's grow together and transform our outdoor spaces into thriving, green sanctuaries.


Seasonal weekly workshops on a Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning. Go to our events to see all the upcoming workshops.

Spring Workshops

Growing Nutrient Dense Foods
Date TBD
From choosing the right varieties, to choosing the right crops the possibilities are endless. Focus is the soil and how to supercharge it to power your food.

Container Gardening
Date TBD
Maximize your growing by using containers. Great way for beginner and experienced gardeners to have lower maintenance, highly productive use of small spaces.

Summer Wild Edibles
Date TBD
Taste and learn about the food that is all around us. Harvest to take home with a number of recipes.

Growing 101 - Learn to garden for success

Wanting to start a garden, looking for how to have a more successful garden, want to learn how to grow more in a smaller space. Have burning garden questions?

Join us for a season or the growing year. Biweekly garden meetings to support and help you to grow on Tuesday's 6:30 - 8pm

Spring term starts on Tuesday April 16th, 30th.

Learn more here

Sign up for a season here

Rewilding Education

Join the Rewilding Education team for Saturday mornings "My Grown-up and Me" Farm & Forest Saturdays. This is a by-donation program. Please register on the Rewilding Education website at: www.rewildingeducation.ca/book-online

Events, Connecting and Learning

There is a way for everyone to spend time in nature and connect at Moondance. Come and enjoy one of our many events like our weekly yoga classes and forest walks, Gardening and Wellness workshops.

Spend time in the Moondance Gardens by volunteering your time! Our Community Garden plot is actively seeking volunteers. Click here for more details.

For the best updates and to stay connected, find us on Facebook and Instagram and join our Moondance mailing list!

Here's to a very happy & healthy season ahead,
Kim & Tom