Farm Blog - CSA Baskets, delayed start time and updates

Hello from the farm, What an interesting spring it has been so far. We have been busy planting over the last month but have found between the heat, cold, wind and finally frost last week that the crops are not where we need them to be to start baskets in two weeks.

So we're thinking that one weeks delay will give the crops time to grow just a little bit more.

We've been busy replanting all the rows that were killed off by the frost, tomatoes, peppers, beans and some of the herbs. Working with nature is always interesting but I haven't had this kind of loss since I first started 20 years ago.

Super happy we finally got some rain. This should be an interesting season with more extremes ahead.

- the greenhouse is planted full of tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers
- the garlic looks great and scapes will be starting soon
- lots of help means the barn has been sorted out and cleaned up
- kale, chard, green onions, beets, peas and radishes in the field are slow but coming along fine
- we are trialing new drip line irrigation in the field
- we are trying crops (especially those that like it cooler) in a white landscape cloth

Preparing for CSA baskets to start:
Within the next couple of weeks it would be ideal to get two shopping baskets from you (if we don't already have them from last year). They are as shown in the picture above. They are available from many Zhers and sometimes No Frills stores.

First week, we pack one and you pick it up, bring it back the next week and pick up your filled basket. It can be a good idea to set yourself a reminder for the first few weeks as it's something new to get in the habit of.

It's important to make sure you have online access so that you can modify your basket items if you wish. If you do nothing we will pack the "farmers choice basket" that is the default.

Each week I set up the basket items and then send you a message saying "Baskets open for substitutions". The tutorial should provide more info on what happens next. I'll attach it again below.

At the start there will be fewer options to swap in and out of baskets. As the season grows so do the number of items you can customize with.

I'll be sending out more regular messages with more basket info.
If you haven't paid your balance it would be great to take care of that before baskets start. It should have been stated in a message that I sent you previously but I will try to get messages out to confirm.

Many thanks,
All the best,
Kim & Tom