Our Produce - Online Farm Market

This summer we invite you to join our farm to relax and enjoy the bounty from our field to your fork through our online farm market.

Choosing from a wide variety of products and services, and the most convenient times for you to pick up your fresh produce.

Online farm market. How it works

On Our Farm
We grow a wide variety of seasonal veggies, fruits, herbs & flowers from May to November using ecologically sustainable practices. Through our online farm market you are granted access to pre-order our produce, pasture raised turkeys, and eggs.
Ordering opens 1 week from your desired pick up date (currently Wednesday and Saturdays) place your order 24 hours before your pick up day. Pre-pay your purchase before pickup through e-transfer or the produce you request will be deducted from your pre-paid account.
Local Select Growers
Our Select Growers are a variety of lovely, local farmers and business who produce high quality products we enjoy on the farm. These will be seasonally available through our online Farm Market.
To Your Kitchen
Pick up your order and enjoy the benefits of farm-fresh veggies. Learn about how we grow them, and great recipes.

Pick up
Wednesday 1pm - 5pm
Saturday 1pm - 5pm

Opens: 1 week before date (Wednesday or Saturday)
Closes: The day before your order date at 6am


Fill out the form below to be able to login to our online Farm Market. You will receive an email confirming your account and information on how to login.

Sign up form:
Online Ordering Sign up

For questions email Kim: mogfarm@gmail.com

Prepaid Farm Account:
An initial payment of $100 is required to open your account, which can be topped up at anytime in increments of $50. The produce you request will be deducted from your account the week of purchase.

Why an Online Farm Market?
- Flexible and convenient ordering
- The best access to the fresh, delicious & nutrient-dense food