Our Produce - Free Range Poultry & meats

We believe in working with and supporting other awesome farmers. We are thrilled to be working with 4Mfarms.ca. Local family farmers who organically raise, chicken, beef, pork and lamb. Mike will drop off prepaid orders here at Moondance on Wednesdays. Contact: www.4mfarms.ca to see what's available, prices and details.

At Moondance we raise heritage bronze orlop turkeys. If you have any questions please:

Contact Tom at Tomkeckes7@gmail.com

Ph: 705-715-5696

Our birds are preordered and are available at specific times of year. We ask for a $10 deposit per bird. Contact Tom for more details.

Varieties Raised: Heritage Orlopp Bronze
Times of Year: pre-Thanksgiving
Average Weight: 14-26lb