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New this season,
Whispering Pines Farm, Meat CSA. Quality, pasture raised, Non GMO, free range and well cared for animals. Check out the link below for options and info. Pick up available here at the farm.


Currently we have an opportunity for our customers to stock up on whole Non GMO, non corn or soy raised Chickens. A farm in the Guelph area, Full Bounty Farm, which we do business with all year long for our personal dairy and meat needs, beef and pork, has extended an offer to us to make available to our customers their farm raised chicken.

Full Bounty farm is an organic operation who start their chickens on the Jones Non GMO feed and then after a month switch to their own feed blend which contains no corn or soy.

The Chickens range from 5 to 8 lbs and we have arranged the same price as our Moondance Chickens of $4.50/lb. If you are interested please contact me and I will arrange the pick up and distribution of the birds. The Chickens have already been processed and are frozen.

For the 2019 season Moondance Organic Gardens is taking a step back in the poultry production so we can focus on the Gardens. Raised on the farm this year will be the Thanksgiving Turkeys, Meat Goats and Layer hens.

We will be offering this year access to Full Bounty farms range of meat products and through Whispering Pines Farm in Sunderland acces to their Meat Share Program. Both farms are operations we are very happy to be affiliated with.

So, I hope this can fullfil your poultry needs. $4.50, frozen, ranging from 5 to 8 lbs.

Contact Tom at Tomkeckes@xplornet.com

Ph: 705-715-5696

Our birds are preordered and are available at specific times of year. We ask for a $10 deposit per bird. Contact Tom for more details.

Varieties Raised: Heritage Orlopp Bronze
Times of Year: pre-Thanksgiving
Average Weight: 14-26lb
Price: $5.50/lb Bronze Orlop

Whispering Pines Farm, Meat CSA info

Looking for quality, clean, delicious meat options. Whispering Pines raises their animals with care and attention. Non GMO, no hormones, pasture fed, free range.