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Imagine the tastiest, most nutritious, veggies and herbs fresh from the garden, washed and ready for you to enjoy.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a system where the community shares the risks and rewards of small scale farming. Members buy in at the start of the season and receive weekly basket of farm-fresh produce. This gives members access to fresh, in-season veggies cheaper than buying the products individually. It gives the farmer security in knowing that there is a market for her product.

When you become a member of a CSA, you’re purchasing a “share” of vegetables from Moondance and enjoy eating seasonal produce available. Weekly, from June until October, you will pick up your veggies, herbs and cut flowers for the week in your online customizable basket.

At Moondance, we offer 2 sizes of baskets from June to October.

The foods will change with the season, with lots of cleansing salad greens in the spring, and pumpkins, squash and potatoes in the fall. It is important to understand that what is available totally depends on how the season goes. Each year some things produce really well and others don’t, so availability and quantity vary with what the season brings!

Basket Share:
Full Share (well suited to 2 adults and 2-3 children)
Half Share (well suited to 2 adults or 1 veggie loving adult)

CSA Sign Up Form 2021
The CSA Vegetable Baskets: you can add items from our online Farm Market (like honey, maplesyrup etc) to come with your order.

Convenient, Customizable and Best field to fork experience
Starting in June you get 14 or 18 weeks of the best out of the garden, prepared and ready for you
Through our online Farm Market , each week you can substitute items to fit your lifestyle or get our Farmers Choice Basket which is the best vegetables ready in the garden
We believe you should enjoy seasonal eating to it's full potential and understanding how to use your basket, cook with herbs and our growing practices. This is why we are offering a members only CSA Facebook page with garden videos, recipes, conversation and community.
Best of the Best
All our gardens are tilled and planted by our family and a team of volunteers, staff and interns. We pride ourselves on the quality of fresh, organic, ecologically grown food that goes straight from our field to your table.

You become a vital piece in our local economy, support the growth of our farm and other organic and local growers. This protects the long-term health of the land, water, and wildlife by supporting ecological, sustainable growing practices.

It is the best value to have access to all the gardens have to offer and you receive the benefits of the Farm Club.

Full Share - $720 (18 weeks), $588 (14 weeks)
Half Share - $475 (18 weeks), $392 (14 weeks)
This includes 8-10 vegetables, herbs, and a bouquet of flowers. You can also have guaranteed eggs.

Sign up early to get your choice of pick up days and eggs!

FAQ Moondance CSA Baskets

How do I sign up and pay?

Sign up form is online. To hold your spot for baskets half (or full payment) is due at signup. The balance should be paid by June 15th

How do I decide which share size to choose?

We suggest that the large share feeds a family of four or two people who eat a lot of vegetables. The small share provides half the amount of the large share and is suitable for a small family, two people who eat fewer vegetables or a single person who eats a lot of vegetables.

It is hard for us to know exactly how many vegetables each person and each family eats.

It varies greatly depending on how much you cook at home vs. eat out, if you make your lunches, if you entertain regularly, if you want to preserve some of the fresh produce for the winter and simply how you eat.

Can I change the size of the share or pick up day part way through the season?

It may be possible to change your share size part way through the season. Contact us to see if this is available at that time. Same thing with your pick up day! Remember, our goal is that this is a positive, seasonal, local food experience for you.

How do I communicate my feedback with the farmers?

We welcome feedback (both positive and negative!) throughout the season by email, by phone, or in person at the market.

What can I expect at the share pick-up?

Come to the Market Stand on your pick up day, let a staff member know that you are here. Your basket will be either in the barn on the shelves or in our large cooler. Enjoy a few minutes out in the gardens to pick a small bouquet of flowers and your choice of culinary herbs (if you wish). Important that you bring back your empty basket each week.

What happens if I can’t pick up my share, if something comes up, or I’m on vacation?

Please let us know as soon as possible and we can work out the best solution. It is possible for you to send someone (family member, friend, coworker) to pick up your share. Please give them all the information they need and remind them to bring bags or boxes and to leave the bin behind. If you do not pick up your basket or cancel it will be donated.

Further Questions are great, contact us at mogfarm@gmail.com