Farm Blog - Wow, end of May

Hello from the farm: We're still in a little shock of going from snow to super hot. We are certainly being challenged to stay adaptable this year. Happy to see some rain as the gardens were really dry for May. Ever interesting!

One of the most uplifting things this spring has been your overwhelming support and interest in our farm. We feel so blessed to have such amazing customers and the opportunity to grow with others. It fills my heart with hope that people are more focused on creating a local, sustainable food system, local businesses and learning the art and science of growing.

Market Stand update: at this point we are not planning to open the market stand until the end of July. We will continue to offer ordering options for seedlings and veg. We are adapting to increased demands and less help than in other years.

4 M Farm will be here: Beef, Chicken, Pork, Lamb, will all be available Wed.'s 1-2:30pm up by the greenhouse. Pasture fed, organic and small scale family raised, we are so excited to have access to their amazing products. Mike will be here each Wed. for you to choose product or preorder for Wed. pickups. Check out

CSA update: We are full at this time. I have been very out of touch with the important days of planting the gardens, taking care of seedlings, and the time-sensitive seedling sales. I look forward to being more regularly in touch and appreciate your patience.

Online Market Orders: Thanks for your patience while we grow! We have had mostly greens available from our greenhouse but now it's time to take all that out and plant it full of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers (those that like it hot). So what we have changes with the season and New This Week is asparagus, rhubarb, stir fry mix, and the return of radish.

Seedling Orders: We still have a good supply of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, most herbs and assorted greens.
it's been a tough couple of weeks taking care of seedlings between cold, wind and now extreme heat. Seedlings are certainly like babies, they require constant, consistent care and attention. Even we have lost some to cold, wind and now heat so I sympathize with you who have had some loss. Don't give up, not everything succeeds but learning/adapting and tolerating is the goal.

Other updates: We are so thrilled to have Kiara back working at the gardens this season with a special bonus of having Kate (who worked for us a few years ago) with us for part of the summer.
Volunteers, we have been the most fortunate to have amazing people to come and help. It's been rather different this year but so appreciate those who have come and looking forward to opening it up to more when we can be out in the field. Thinking next week cause it's going to be super hot out there this week!

Tom and I are so excited to be looking forward to the birth of our first grandchild, most likely this week. Challenging that they are in New Zealand but also happy that they are there. I'll let you know more next week.

All the best,
Kim & Tom