Farm Blog - Welcome to December

Hello from the farm, we hope that December is moving ahead smoothly for you. Winter seems to have settled in quite seriously. I am still somewhat hopeful that we will have some warmer weather to get some of those things taken care of that would have been great back in November.

With the weather and loss of lots that we had hoped to harvest, we will be open only for Saturday's in the month of December.

Open Saturday's 10am - 4pm. I still hope to get online orders up an available but life is full and I am challenged to fit it all in. More about that in January!

Meanwhile, eggs will now be available in the cooler up at our home just off the laneway. It's self serve with a container to get change and pay. Please remember we only get 6 dozen a day and there may be lots or there may be none, it just depends on how many people drop by!

Available in our Market Stand: Saturday's 10-4

Potatoes (yukon, red, russet)
Apples, Ida red and Macintosh
Squash, buttercup, butternut, pepper, carnival
Cabbage, savoy, green round, small red
baby carrots
small beets
fennel bulbs
nice Cool Kale

Frozen options,
chopped Zucchini, stewed Tomatoes
chopped Peaches, chopped Nectarines, Coronation seedless Grapes

We will also have some dill pickles, relish, stewed tomatoes that we canned earlier in the season. Hoping to have them out for next weekend!

Other Happenings:

Essential Oils workshop, Sat. Dec. 15th, 10am - 12. Make your own essential oil blends in beautiful glass viles with roller ball applicators as well as large containers of essential oil bath salts. See attached flyer for more details.

Choir Performance, Sun. Dec. 16th, 10am. A small choir that I am part of is performing a cantata called The Wonderous Story for Christmas. Paddy from the gardens is also a great addition to our little community choir.

Hope you and yours find the joy of the season.
All the best,
Kim & Tom

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