Farm Blog - Vibrant Green of Spring

Hello from the gardens, the rain has been abundant and the plants have responded with vibrant shades of green. The forest maples are glowing red with the leaves just waiting to unfurl. Hard to believe that they will be in full leaf within a couple of weeks.

(with all the rain, the 5th Line just past our laneway is closed)
- no access from the South (25th sr)
- access through 5th line and Willoughby rd, 90Hwy side

Many things are spouting here at the farm:

Garden Center opening: Thurs. May 9th, 9 - 4
Open till end of June; Thurs. thru Sat.'s 9am - 4pm

It's a Great time to plant cool season vegetables, broccoli, leeks, brussel sprouts, cabbage, celery, onions, peas, lettuces, spinach, arugula and so much more.
Lots of seedling plants perfect to pop into your garden.

Seed Racks: Aimers Organic Seeds- great selection of vegetable and herb seeds.
Plant outside now, radish, spinach, leaf lettuces, arugula, peas and why not try some beets and carrots!
OSC - Flower seed of so many varieties. Fun to seed directly in the ground are calendula, nasturtiums, morning glory, zinnia, cosmos. Wild flower blends, pollinator packs and more.

Wide selection of Fruit Shrubs, Flowering Shrubs, Perennials from tall to small there's something for every garden and yard.

Fresh Produce Asparagus is starting, Rhubarb is ready, lots of spring greens, bagged and PYO. We're building a new chicken coop and look forward to having eggs available later in the spring.

BIODIVERSITY helps everything to grow better, find a balance and create resiliency. The more types of plants, the more pollinators, birds, insects, amphibians which create a natural balance of conditions. Any garden will benefit from including flowers, herbs, vegetables (annual and perennial), shrubs to ground cover. A joy to work with nature towards balance.

Workshops this May - June
hands on learning with lots of takeaways.
- love to help you learn more about
wild edible foods, container gardening, companion planting, all about tomatoes, growing nutrient dense foods & edible flowers.
Check out our Events Page for more info and signup link

Special offer in appreciation of Mother's Day. Sign up for a workshop and bring your mother, a friend, a neighbor for free. Gardening togeather is so much fun!

Rewilding Education, Forest and Farm School we are so thrilled to have this wonderful outdoor emersive experience for all our young people here at the farm. Summer camps are filling up and there's even more weekly activities available. Check out

Moondance Community Markets, we are excited to have the first of 4 planned seasonal markets here at the farm.

Saturday May 25th, 10am - 4pm

Community businesses, artisans, activities.
More info in the coming weeks.

Thank you for reading, please feel free to pass along if you know others who may be interested.

Here's to a wonder full growing season ahead.

All the best,
Kim & Tom