Farm Blog - Thanksgiving Weekend Market days

Hello from the gardens, What busy days in the garden and on the farm.

We have so much delicious food waiting for you!

Market Days: Wed. 1-5pm, Friday Oct. 8th (Thanksgiving Special market) 11am-6pm Sat. 10am-5pm

- carrots, orange or rainbow
- potatoes, yukon or russet (reds coming soon)
- winter squash, butternut (big and little), pepper, carnival, delicatta, spaghetti, small hubbard
- onions, leeks, white bulb, green onions
- salad mix, arugula, choho, mustard greens
- kale, rainbow chard
- daikon radish
- sweet corn (Harris farms) - probably last week
- pumpkins

- apples, macs, golden delicious, fireside, honeycrisp
- grapes, three types

Flowers & Sweet Annie (wreathes and bunches)

Wishing you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving weekend.
Thank you for being part of our farm!

All the best,