Farm Blog - Sweet Days of Summer

Hello from the gardens,

Wow the last week of July and everything is growing quickly. The zucchini seem to grow overnight, lots of beans are blooming and the vines are starting to look happier as they settle into growing.

So happy to have the start of the amazing fruit.
You may find cheaper but you won't find better!

Cherries (last week available)
Apricots (may be some next week)
Yellow Plums
Early Peaches

This fruit comes from a small orchard that is no or low spray. They also choose the best varieties for disease and bug resistance. They use beneficial insects and is the only tree ripened fruit that is available unless you go to a upick or grow it yourself.

Bulk quantities available, half or full box. Let me know what and when you are interested in. I'll try to share a heads up when an item is available but this is small scale production and we are blessed to get what we do.

There is a great selection of fruit coming our way over the next few weeks, different plums, nectarines and the most amazing white peaches.

Hopefully in the fall we are able to get delicious local organic apples and pears.
Fingers crossed!

Market Stand Open
every Friday and Saturday 10am to 5 pm

Fresh Produce this week

- beets
- potatoes and leeks (from Harris farms)
- salad mix
- spicy salad mix
- fresh garlic bulbs
- garlic scapes
- green onions
- radish
- zucchini
- kohlrabi

Lambs-quarters Pesto

Local Maple Syrup and Honey

Lots of Eggs - $7/dozen

Large Mini Garden Planter pots - $28.50
Med. Garden Planter pots - $19.50

Seed racks are still available will soon leave!

Still have a good selection of hardy Shrubs and Perennials, priced as marked

Mineral Mix fertilizer and Diatomaceous Earth (for soft bodied insects)

Bags of Compost - $8.00

Special Events and Activities

Sat. July 29th, 7pm, Full Moon Dance around the bon fire. See info pic below

Sat. Aug. 12th, Pop up Market - 10 - 4pm

Restorative Yoga each Tues. and Thurs. 7 - 8pm, in the meadow or barn

Looking forward to seeing you at the gardens.
Wishing you a most wonderful weekend.

All the best,
Kim & Tom