Farm Blog - Sunshine!

Wow this weather is just spectacular! We hope you are all staying cool and enjoying the sunshine out there!

Our market summer hours are in full swing so we are open Wed 1-7, Thurs-Fri 9-7, Sat 9-5, and Sun 10-4.

We have some new things to see at the market this week. We have an abundance of garlic scapes, perfect for garlic scape butter! Blend up your garlic scapes, mix with butter and chill or freeze. Makes great garlic bread or a topping to anything you choose!

Beets and beet tops, green onions, pea sprouts, and of course salad mixes, stirfry mix, and lambsquarters are all available!

We are also now selling jarred lambsquarters pesto! (Link below to make your own.)

Whispering Pines Farm has some amazing frozen meats here at the market to fulfil are your barbecue needs. Hamburgers, sausages, and all kinds of steak cuts!

If you want to come walk the farm and see whats growing, we have some new friends in our barn! The Baby goats have arrived and they are cuter than ever!

As always we have fresh Homestead Bakery bread just baked this morning waiting to go home with you! We also have pizza Dough from Homestead as well, so your dinner options are endless.

We hope to see all your friendly faces at this farm this week and all summer!