Farm Blog - Squash & Apples

It feels like mid-summer but it looks like fall in the gardens.

With the start of the winter squash, apples arriving and many slowly melting leaves of the cucumber, zucchini and squash there's no doubt that fall is arriving next week.

Great time to freeze, can or process all the goodness of the season to enjoy in the winter. More about that below.

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First of the season's organic apples, Macintosh and some Galla. New Candice Red Seedless Grapes.
End of the season for Freestone Peaches, Italian Blue Plums, Nectarines, Coronation Grapes.

Peaches & Cream Sweet Corn

Cucumbers, from long english, regular field to white martini and heritage lemon. A cool delicious treat.

Tomatoes, slicing, salad and cherry tomatoes with the best taste of the season try all the different varieties that we offer.

Cabbage, nappa, round green

Kale, Swiss Chard, Salad Mix, Stir Fry Mix, Beet Greens

Beets, an assortment

Zucchini, coming to an end but still a number of varieties and sizes.

Organic Gold Potatoes, so delicious any way you serve them.

Carrots: have you tried the purple ones?

Baking, Grace has made some delicious pumpkin pies!


Such a busy time of year but I love to get some put away for the winter. So has to be easy for us here on the farm.

Tomatoes: Simplest version, wash, trim, cut into chunks, freeze in bags or containers.
2nd options: as above but put chunks into a pot and simmer down for stewed tomatoes, cool and put in bags to freeze.
3rd option: as above to make stewed tomatoes then can them into jars for cool storage.

No matter which way to do it those tomatoes will make for the best pasta sauce, stew base, salsa, soup that you can imagine in the middle of the winter.

Cucumbers: Make pickles, relish and soup!

Corn: cook as if to eat, cool, cut from the top of the cob down to collect all the kernals. Put in a bag and freeze.

Kale & Chard, wash, dry, chop into ribbons, freeze in bags. I love to use these frozen (they just crumble into little pieces) for smoothies, soups, stews and sauce.

So many options, I'll mention more next week!

All the best to you and yours,
The Moondance Team