Farm Blog - Saturday goodies

Hello from the gardens, amazing how fast the days go with August almost at an end. It's been a full month with my Mom passing away on the 7th with all that entails. I feel blessed and honored to have had such an amazing, strong mother with so many good memories to gladden a sad heart.

Gardens wait for no one and we have been busy trying to stay on top of the weeding, harvesting and replanting. We have also been putting together 80 baskets of seasonal produce each week through our CSA program. All this has only been possible due to the amazing help of Kiara, Tom and a wonderful array of volunteers.

This is the season of abundance and amazing seasonal eating.
So we would like to let you know about our drop-in market Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, 1-5pm.
Up at the main greenhouse, under the large white tent.

What's available:
- tomatoes
- potatoes (yukon, red, purple fingerlings)
- kale (check out the recipe below)
- chard
- ground cherries
- tomatillos
- sweet corn (Harris Farms) non GMO
- peaches (freestone Coral Star or White Lady)
- nectarines (orange flesh)
- some yellow plums and early sweet apples

(all the above fruit is from an Ontario family orchard, ecological growers, tree-ripe and direct from the farm ie the peaches still have their fuzz as they don't go to a sorting station where everything has a fungicidal bath so they last longer for retail) Tasty, sweet, good.

Say Cheese, made from local sheep milk!
- fetta
- assorted flavours of aged hard cheese, favourite cumin
- additive black and green fetta stuffed olives

Honey, Gord Sleeman, Beekeeper, (lovely human)
- Liquid or Creamed - 500ml - 1000ml
- out of stock for Cinamon Honey Butter and honeycomb

Meats, 4M Farms - "growing food for our future"
- chicken
- beef
- pork
- lamb
Order online, or drop by Wed.'s 1-2:30pm up by the greenhouse and Mike is at the truck with a trailer. Full of freezers with excellent products at a more than reasonable price.

Paddy's Eco Pantry Reuseables: Special Popup tent tomorrow!
- excellent products to make good choices
- favourite, Jude's Miricle Cloth
- time with Paddy.....priceless!

Online ordering helps us manage everything a little or a lot better. Even though we are still figuring lots of tech stuff out and look forward to getting better.

May you find time to enjoy some time outside, it is such a spectacular time in our Country. "Live like there's no tomorrow," is an interesting thought.

Wishing you the very best,
Kim & Tom Keckes and Crew