Farm Blog - Rebirth of the season

Happy Easter from Moondance!

This is the time of new things germinating and hope.

May we grow in compassion, understanding and support of one another.
May we grow in respect not only one another but all living beings.
May we grow to understand that this beautiful planet that we live on, is home for us all.

A radical act of hope is planting seeds. That a little seed can turn into a tomato plant with hundreds of tasty little cherry vitamin balls, that an even smaller seed can produce a big beautiful kale plant that provides extraordinary nutrition all season and into the snow.
Seeds know exactly what to do, how to grow. We are the maintenance team!

We are getting very excited about our upcoming workshops. We feel so strongly about helping people grow their own food we wanted to do an Easter promo!

☀️ Register for one of our first three workshops and bring a friend or family member for FREE! Two participants for the price of one! 🪴
After you register yourself, please send an email to to tell us who you'll be bringing to make sure we have enough supplies for everyone!

Register here:

This is an excerpt from someone who inspires me with hope:

"The harmony of birdsongs and wildflowers peeking ever so slightly through the underbelly of soil's layered story - calling you to engage, participate, roll up your sleeves, and get your hands dirty?.......

These soil microbes, known as mycobacteria have been shown to have remarkable effects on our immune system and overall health. They stimulate the production of beneficial neurotransmitters like serotonin, which plays a key role in mood regulation and emotional well-being. When your skin comes into relationship with these microbes inflammation reduces, cognitive function improves, wound healing is enhanced, and we receive the gift of earth's fertile soil through the sensation of scent and touch.We are reimagining how we can grow. "

With food sustainability, price of food, safety of food, all issues of concern let's be radical and grow food and community.

Looking forward to a season of hope,
Kim & Tom