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Hello from the gardens, may this find you and yours well. What an interesting weather week. A good reminder that it is still early spring.

ONLINE MARKET: ordering available for Wed. or Sat. pickup (1-6pm). New this week are arugula, giant green mustard, radish. We also have certified organic compost that we are bagging for this weekend.

NEW; We have seedlings that are ready to plant outside, kids planting activity packs, plants for you to grow indoors until planting outdoors and even baby plugs for you to plant up yourself indoors.
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CSA updates: Wed. pickup option is full and we can't take any more orders for eggs. The signup form has been changed accordingly.

I appreciate your patience at this time as we have had an abundance of questions, requests, supply issues, labour issues and adjustments to make. We are doing our best to meet demand, opperate safely and keep our feet on the ground.

The following is an excerpt from a message from Full Bounty Farm (who we get our raw milk from) and I think sums up my experience from the last couple of weeks.
There are many theories going around about what is the real truth behind this situation the entire world is facing. It feels like we are being forced either to accept what we are being told by persons in positions of authority, or be lumped in with those who believe there is some evil conspiracy by someone or some group that wishes to take control of the earth. Both of these responses come from a place of fear and neither of them are helpful. In the spirit of Easter we would like to propose another response. Just as the Easter season is a reflection on death and new life, and the spring season brings forth new life from what was dead, so too this dark time of fear and death which we are experiencing now, will evolve into a new, more compassionate, and inclusive humanity living in harmony with each other and our environment. Already we are seeing many of the world’s conflicts being set aside, and governments around the world working cooperatively. Regardless of what the truth is, if we can collectively hold this vision with kindness, compassion, generosity and gratitude, we will contribute positively to the evolution of the Earth and it’s people, in spite of the huge disturbances we are all experiencing.

May we look back on this time with enhanced clarity that there are great challenges and with them come the opportunity to change and evolve.

Wishing you calm in the middle of these unusual days.
All the best,
Kim & Tom