Farm Blog - New beginnings! Happy June

Hello from the farm and Happy June! Have to say right off the start this is a June to remember. Our first Grandchild was born last night, all is well and we so look forward to seeing her in person when life allows. So a good start to June!

Really happy to see the end of the hot humid weather of last week, that was super stressful on the plants and us working in it! All in all it has been a challenging spring and my condolences to any gardeners who experienced loss. Unpredictability seems to be the norm this year and resiliency the best option. What we do:
- succession seeding, we plant a crop like lettuce (that doesn't like heat) every two-three weeks. So if one crop fails there's always the next one
- mulch, we started mulching plants last week like peas that were getting cooked
- nutrition, tomorrow we will fertilize with a liquid seaweed again as it helps with plant stress and establishment.
- patience and hope, not everything grows, sometimes plants get attacked by bugs, squirrels and more. Just plant more!

Planting Time: Who would like to help? We have a few hundred tomato plants, peppers, eggplants and more to go in the ground and would be happy for a couple hours help. Morning or afternoon, 10-12 or 2-4pm would be great. We will maintain appropriate distancing with lots of space in the field. Let me know the day and time that works for you. Greatly appreciated!

4M Farm, organic, pasture-raised beef, pork, chicken, lamb
Here at Moondance each Wed. 1-2:30pm. Drop by and see what he has or preorder. Check out

Seedling Order Form lots of changes with limited tomato and pepper plants but new ones like beets, dill, lemon balm, celeriac, yukon and russet seed potatoes, beans, pumpkins. We will have others like two other kales, tomatillo and ground cherry coming soon!

Rural Roots, flowers, planters, veg and herb plants My friend Heidi has the most beautiful flowers and plants, check out her website and order form at She has a great selection of tomatoes, peppers, herbs and more!

We're Grandparents It's been so lovely to see via computer our new little bundle of joy. Ella Shaw Toomey, was welcomed to the world Tues. June 2nd, 10.26 lbs she is a beautiful, healthy baby. Mom and Dad are doing well. What an exciting new part of our lives.

Thank you for being part of our lives and community.
All the best,
Kim & Tom