Farm Blog - May the Forth be with You

Hello from the gardens, I always get a chuckle from the 4th of May.

I like the idea of "may the force be with you". This is certainly a year where we all are challenged to stay positive, feel connected to each other and our world. I deeply feel this when I work quietly in the garden, take a walk in the woods, or meditate. Being present in the moment provides calm and sanity for me.

I am slowly getting a deeper understanding of something I heard from a wise person that said, "we have the opportunity to be in the world, but not of the world". For me that means less listening to news, catching my mind when it gets anxious, frustrated or overwhelmed and recognizing that I need a "reboot". Shut all the programs down and refresh! May the force be with you.

We have lots of beautiful seedlings available and a new order form Added 3 types of peas, nappa cabbage and a few other items. When you put an order in I will contact you for a pickup time of Tues. or Thurs. afternoon and details.
Cucumbers, zucchini, melons and winter squash are just getting planted now, so available in 2-3 weeks.
Aimers Organic Seeds and OSC Flower Seeds available on our porch, with disposable glove and sanitizer. Contact me for a time.

Online orders for eggs, seasonal greens, honey etc. can happen through our online market, on
The key is you need to sign in before you can order.
Sign in tab is in the top right corner of website pages.
It's not perfect and I know sometimes challenging working with technology but here's hoping we can all make it work.

Baby goats have arrived a couple of weeks ago and have enjoyed a few nice days to get outside and frolic. The hens are super happy to see the grass greening up and spend their day out digging for treats and dust bathing.

So exciting that many are planning to grow food this season and for some it's a new activity. This is a great article about some basic considerations and problems that may happen. Consider who you know like a parent, grandparent, friend who has grown a garden for years, they know lots and gardeners love to talk gardening!
Check out the link below for Gardening basics!
Big picture, seeds and plants want to grow, they know exactly what to do, we just help them out with care and attention. If plants aren't thriving then it's time to put your detective cap on and try to figure out what's amiss. Just like us, not enough water, systems don't work properly, not enough nutrition or soil (gut) biology then prone to disease/bugs, too much competition/weeds then thin and tired.

Bigger is not always better: a small garden even one pot can be a joy, too much and it can become overwhelming and negative. You also learn each year, and before you know it much simpler but never simple cause you're working with mother nature who always keeps you on your toes!

That's why I am always hopeful for a great growing season ahead and happy for what is. There's always sunshine we just can't see it sometimes.

Wishing you and yours a wonder full May ahead.
All the best,
Kim & Tom