Farm Blog - Last weekend of Summer, here's to a beautiful fall!

What lovely weather for the last weekend of the summer. Looking forward to a wonderful Fall. I always try to soak it up cause we know what's coming!

The market is full of delicious food for you. From our gardens and some from other great local producers.

New at market:
juicy nectarines
white muscat grapes (think sweet wine, also great for making raisins)
yellow sweet corn
boston head lettuce
organic apples

Still available:
watermelons (so sweet)
cantaloupe (juicy)
all kinds of cucumbers
tomatoes (on sale)
all kinds of sweet peppers
different varieties of hot peppers
baby potatoes
peaches and cream corn
tomatillos (see attached recipe)
coronation blue grapes (taste like grape jelly to me)
organic permaculture grown peaches (see attached peach salsa recipe)

Turkey Time: We pasture raise heritage Bronze Orlop turkeys. They are delicious way to celebrate local food and harvest time. Preorder by sending us a message or dropping by the farm.

This is a great time to put away some delicious food that can be enjoyed for the coming colder season. I know it's a busy time of year so my easy method is to wash, core and freeze as many tomatoes as I can for so many tasty dishes in the winter. Bonus, the skins come off when they thaw to easily remove or blend in!

Thank you to all those who make it to the market, you are the reason we are here and put all the hours into growing clean, healthy food.

All the best,
Kim & Tom