Farm Blog - June's Hot

Hello from the gardens, what an interesting few weeks, replanting from frost and enduring a week of hot August like weather. Looking forward to the more seasonal stuff ahead.

Market: Wednesday's 1 - 5pm & Saturday's 10am - 5pm
Online orders for Thurs. & Sat. pickup

New This Week,

All Vines on sale, reg. $3.25 now $2.50
- ready to plant in 4" pot
- zucchini, cucumbers, melons, winter squash, pumpkins
- plant as is for a happy transition to it's new home
- you need space to grow most vines, but cucumbers love to climb
- limited quantities of some varieties

Herb Planters, 12" pot $12.75
Culinary: parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme & chives!
Tea: lemon balm, 2 different mints, stevia plant (drys great for all winter goodness)

Tumbler Tomato Hanging Basket, 12-14" basket $12.75
- sweet red cherry tomatoes all season long, tumble over with this determinate plant
- enjoys half shade & out of the rain position
- a great snack to have close by

New Plants:
Stevia, 300x sweeter than sugar & no calories, drys easily
Lemon Verbena, one of my favourite tea herbs
Welsh Onion, heritage perennial green onions

Compost Tea Bags, 1 gallon tea bag, $5.50
- soak in 5 gallon pail or large rubbermaid
- use nutrient rich water to treat your plants
- keeps on giving until water becomes clear

new this week, Lambsquarters Pesto, having it on pasta tonight!
also have Garlic Mustard Pesto,
250ml jar $8.25 $1 back on each jar returned (clean please)

Asparagus: enjoy it while it's here!
Greens: Lambsquarters, check out the pesto recipe on our website
- Lambs quarter is the second highest in nutrition of all wild foods. Amaranth is #1
- The gritty feel is pollen…rinse well 🙂

Nature is very generous and delicious.

Wishing you the very best,
Kim & Tom