Farm Blog - Hoppy Easter

Happy, Hoppy Easter Weekend,
Happy first long weekend of the Spring. Everything is starting to speed up at the farm and these rains help me dream of beautiful May flowers and sweet asparagus.

We have our first workshop of the season tomorrow morning, then we are setting up at Innisfil Seedy Saturday. Check out facebook for the details.

Interested in starting and caring for your own garden? Next Tues. April 3rd "Growing 101" is starting. This is the best way to a great growing garden. We meet once a month to help you grow, from planning to planting, how to maintain and harvest in your garden. Full of practical help and lots of seeds and plants to share.

We have a "crash course" option for learning to grow your garden,
Spring Intensive, Sat. April 21st a great option for those who want more of a focus on how to plant, success strategies, time saving ideas with hands on activities and goodies to take home.

Children's Growing Lesson's are filling up, with lots of exciting plans for getting out in the gardens, soaking up nature and growing things. We added classes for Wed. afternoon as well which could be a good fit for those picking up their CSA baskets that day!

CSA Veggie Basket signup,
We are over half full which is great. The signup is the only way that we guarantee eggs but we can only take so many orders. We have allot already ordered so if this is of interest let us know soon. Did you know that egg production is part of a quota system? Unless we buy quota which is prohibitive, ( we can only have 100 laying hens max. It's a huge issue in small-scale mixed farming. What this means is that we want to have eggs for everyone but we have constraints that are beyond our control.

Farm Club Did you know as part of our farm club there are workshops that are free (say the one tomorrow) and others planned through the season. Then there are workshops and groups that you get a significant price reduction, say for Children's Growing Lessons, regular price is $75, Farm Club price is $55.50. Another huge piece is you can preorder Chickens and Turky online.

Market Stand, open in just over a month the first weekend in May.
We will have seeds, large bales of potting soil, soil amendments, seedlings and lots of delicious things for sale.

It really does feel like a time of rebirth to our new season.
Wishing you a very blessed, happy, healthy week.
All the best,
The Moondance Team