Farm Blog - Happy Thanksgiving 2022

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving: A time to harvest, appreciate what is and stock up for the winter ahead. We're sad that we've had hard frost already so all those beautiful flowers are not looking the same and many crops are finished up now.

Transition times are always tricky, while it can feel sad that the summer is leaving and the winter ahead it's important to stay present and respect all the gifts we currently have. An abundance of food, a wonderful farm community, the beautiful fall colours and the opportunity to be grateful that we can gather together this year.

Turkey time we have some turkey's available, please contact us for more details and to guarantee the tastiest bird ever (we think so!). They're big birds and can also be cut in half or quarters for some delicious winter meals. I'm looking forward to making some amazing soup stock after our big meal.

Tasty Treats by the Chef's Wife check out the 3rd picture below to see a list of delicious sides and treats you can preorder for pickup here at the farm. Contact Luanne at to make arrangements.

Available at Market:
- tasty Fingerling potatoes (pictured above)
- yukon potatoes
- Winter squash, butternut, acorn, and more
- organic Apples, Mac's, Golden Delicious, Honey Crisp, Anjou Pears
- organic seedless Coronation grapes
- garlic, bulb onions, green onions
- carrots, regular and gourmet button (round)
- candy cane beets
- red, green, savoy and nappa cabbage
- kale, chard, bokchoi
- eggplant, kohlrabi
- sweet peppers, hot peppers
- slicing and cherry tomatoes (limited)

Herbs: bunches of parsley (curly or flat), sage, time, oregano, cilantro, tarragon

Lots more available and looking forward a delicious weekend ahead.

Reminder, Angus Pop-up Market next weekend Saturday Oct. 15th, 10-4
- it's the last one for this season and so excited to have lots of special activities and vendors here

With much gratitude,
Kim & Tom