Farm Blog - Happy Summer 2023, sale on all plants

Hello from the gardens, Happy Summer!
We had a very beautiful summer like day yesterday with lots of planting and a wonderful yoga event around the bonfire to end the day. We are hoping to be caught up with planting as of next week. Still lots of time to plant any crop and it's a great time to pick up plants this weekend.

All vegetable herb seedlings, are 40% off.
Perennials, shrubs and flower planters 25% off.

Friday and Saturday. 10am - 5pm. Up at the barn Garden Center.

- great selection of tomatoes, peppers (sweet and hot), cucumbers
- wide variety of herbs
- lovely shrubs and perennials
- seeds for veg, herb, flowers
- seed potatoes
- potting soil, amendments, compost
- garden tools

Feature Plant: Sun Sugar Tomatoes, if I could only grow one cherry tomato this is it!
- super sweet deep yellow/orange
- easy to grow and slow to split
Tomato plant tips
- stake or cage for easy care
- plant any tomato deep in the ground and it will have a great root system
- remove any branches and leaves that are close to the soil
- sucker (take off extra stems that form between the leaf and the stem)
- compost or mulch around plant (not touching the stem), which will keep moisture in the soil and keep the soil temperature moderated. Compost feeds the soil and plant at the same time!

Events and Activities at Moondance
- check out our social medial or website
- 3 nights of blissful yoga
- free My Grownup and Me with Becky of Rewilding Education Forest and Farm School
- Pop up Market, Sat. July 8th 10am - 4pm

Fresh Produce this week
- garlic scapes
- asparagus (almost finished)
- green onions
- new crop of spinach
- rhubarb
- lambs quarters

Weekly Vegetable Baskets Our CSA baskets start July 6th!
- looking for fresh seasonal foods?
- 15 weeks of assorted vegetables, picked fresh for you
- pick your own bouquet of flowers and assorted fresh herbs
- your basket changes with the season (as do we)
- best price for you and supports us to know how much to plant and pick

Check out the link below for more info and the sign up form

Looking forward to seeing you at the gardens.
Wishing you a most wonderful weekend.

All the best,
Kim & Tom