Farm Blog - Happy Spring and a Whole New Season of Growth

Hello and Happy Spring!

As we embrace equal parts day and night, it feels like a serene pause between the winter chill and the hustle of summer.

Tom and I are settling back into our rhythm after a wonderful time with family in New Zealand. Spending quality time with our amazing granddaughter and witnessing the arrival of our new grandson was truly a joy.

As we take a moment to reflect on what Moondance can grow into this season.
The following feel important.

To provide opportunities for growth.

To deepen our connection to the food we eat.

To believe in a resilient food system rooted in community.

Everyone can have the knowledge to cultivate food.

Good food is vital for human well-being.

We can reimagine how our food system operates.

Regenerative agriculture is the new and rising framework and perspective on growing and raising food. I'm so thrilled for this wholistic and respectful direction. It is rooted with the tenant of Regenerating Connections, starting with the microbiome of the soil.
My quick version is
Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants = Healthy Food = Healthy People = Healthy Community

One of the super special seeds I think this nurtures is that when we are in right relationship, nature is exponentially generous and self sustaining.

I am shifting from being focused on growing food for people to
helping people be more connected with their food.

Here's how we can achieve this:

Engage in topic-focused workshops.
Join our seasonal group learning sessions (Growing 101).
Volunteer your time.
Lease a garden space on our farm.
Become part of the Community Garden.
Book a one-on-one consultation with me, either on the farm or at your location.

We're also collaborating with Rewilding Education to offer:
- see link below

Growing Lessons for children.
Farmer in Training programs for youths.

This year, our focus is on empowering others to grow food. With all the learning and nurturing of gardens, I anticipate a bountiful harvest ahead. As the season progresses, we'll offer guided "you pick" opportunities.

Please note, there won't be CSA baskets this season, and our Market Stand will operate with modifications.

As we move forward, I'd love to hear from you. What support do you need to cultivate a deeper connection with fresh, local food?

Our Garden Center opens on Thursday, May 2nd, from 10am to 4pm. We'll have organic seeds, seedlings, perennials, fruit shrubs, compost, and amendments available.

Stay tuned for more updates and details!

Happy Spring,

Warm regards,
Kim & Tom