Farm Blog - Happy September - Farm Market Update

The first week back to school for many kiddies, best wishes all goes smoothly and you can stuff they're lunch boxes full for yummy fruit, veggies and sugar free granola bars from the farm to keep them from bouncing off the walls. The chicks are roaming the outside and turkeys ready for they're next house were working on new fencing this week. We are harvesting lots of carrots and peppers this week! Excited to have melons as well, this is one of the only successful growing years for them.

The gift of Parsley - This weekend all purchases of $10 and more receive a complimentary bunch of parsley to spice up any dish!

New this week:
- Melons
- Diakon Radish

- salad greens
- kale
- swiss chard
- bok Choi
- cabbage
- zucchini
- sweet peppers
- tomatoes
- potatoes
- sweet corn
- Bulb Onions
- Garlic
And lots more

Peaches, plums, & Organic Concord grapes

As always we have delicious Local Sheep Cheese, Organic products, sugar-free & organic baking.

Brighten your day with Sunflowers, zinnias, & snapdragon available in bouquets.

The next batch of chickens are all spoken for this year but you can still order your Thanksgiving turkeys.

The last chance for Childrens growing lessons is for our fall sessions running Saturday and Thursday mornings, let your children grow in the gardens and learn to love their food! For more info contact Kate at