Farm Blog - Happy Mother's Day, Market Open! 10am - 4pm

Hello from the gardens, what a difference a week can make. So happy that we were able to secure over half of the greenhouse Market Stand building. It certainly feels different but gives us something to work with.

We are opening Sunday, May 13th for sales with,

Organic Seeds for vegetables and plants
Mineral Mix fertilizer
Diatomaceous earth
Compost, Mulch,
Large bags of Potting Soil

Cool Season seedlings (they are hardy and can handle cold nights)
- kale, cabbage, broccoli, kolrabi, celery, salad greens, parsley

Starting Next Week, will have some of the warm season seedlings (tomatoes, peppers etc.)

Greens, lots of Spinach, some Arugula and Salad Mix. Potatoes, red or yukon.

Beeswax Candles
and lots more

Here's to a sunny, lovely Mother's Day

All the best,
the Moondance Team