Farm Blog - Happy Long Weekend, Open Holiday Monday

Hello from the gardens, a tough week with two nights of frost and one a really heavy one. Never would have expected the damage to Hosta and other pretty tolerant plants. The eggplant wasn't a surprise but how heavy it hit was.

Just a reminder that even though we get some nice days that frost is still around and I don't think we're clear until after June 4th. Which is only two weeks!

So happy to get some rain as it's been super dry and hard to get plants established in the field. I can hear them singing with this damp day.

Market Garden Center is open this Holiday Monday, 10am - 5pm

Regular days are Friday and Saturday 10am - 5pm.

- new this week, more beautiful perennials, more tomato varieties, cucumbers, yellow zuccini, start of the winter squash seedlings and more

- bagged nettles with recipe, potted nettle plants (only to be planted if you have lots of space to keep away from where they are as it's not pleasant to brush by them)

- we have a table of all plants that are perfect to go in the ground now and will tolerate frost

- you can also plant seeds directly in the ground that love the cooler and hopefully moist conditions, best ones are peas, carrots, leaf lettuce, radish, spinach, arugula

May you have a very Happy & Healthy weekend.

Looking forward to seeing you in the gardens.

All the best,
Kim & Tom