Farm Blog - Happy kid days

Hello from the gardens, Interesting that in past memory we have been praying for rain every July. This year is certainly not the same with waiting for the soil to dry up enough to get weeding and planting done. The ever opportunity to accept what is and choose how to respond. There's always options!

Some times you need to accept that you can't do everything. For some reason I seem to think I can at times. Other times it's lovely to realize that there are other great growers who have different conditions and opportunities. This week we have some tasty beets from organic growers John and Sheila, and leeks and new potatoes from Harris farms.

The goats have arrived! just yesterday afternoon we picked up 4 lovely female baby goats from our friends at Rural Roots Heidi is an awesome market gardener with the most beautiful cut flowers and Edwin is the dairy goat farmer. They have loaned us these very cute goats for us to enjoy throughout the summer and then they will go back to join their herd. They will keep the paddocks trimmed down and provide so much joy to our space.

Market Stand Open
everyFriday and Saturday 10am to 5 pm

Fresh Produce this week

- beets
- potatoes and leeks (from Harris farms)
- salad mix
- spicy salad mix
- fresh garlic bulbs
- garlic scapes
- green onions
- radish
- fun jen (mild green mustard)

Lambs-quarters Pesto

Local Maple Syrup and Honey

Lots of Eggs - $7/dozen

Salad bowl planters - $10.50
Large Mini Garden Planter pots - $28.50
Med. Garden Planter pots - $19.50

Seed racks are still available but only for a couple more weeks!

Still have a good selection of hardy Shrubs and Perennials, priced as marked

Mineral Mix fertilizer and Diatomaceous Earth (for soft bodied insects)

Bags of Compost - $8.00

Looking forward to seeing you at the gardens.
Wishing you a most wonderful weekend.

All the best,
Kim & Tom