Farm Blog - Happy Canada Day weekend

Happy Long Weekend and here's to enjoying what is. We have delicious cool salad greens that are a great way to nourish yourself on these warm days.

Reminder we are open Holiday Monday, 10am - 2pm

Delicious strawberries, baking, greens, radish, green onions. Cool drinks and more. Oh the fetta cheese adds so much to any salad and makes it feel like a treat.

New session Children's Growing Lessons starting week of July 11th, check out the attached flyer and if you know of any children and parents/grandparents who would like to play and learn in the gardens, please let them know about this unique opportunity.

Family Nature Club, Sunday afternoons will be a great time to get out and enjoy some family time togeather in nature. Thank you to Jess and Eligiah for organizing this. Check out the attached flyer.

Weekly Walk & Talks in the Gardens, have garden questions, what to see what's growing on the farm? Sunday's 1:30-2:30pm are the time to come out for a walk around and gardening talk.

Chickens available July 20th. Order now. These are a wonderful breed of birds called Nova Free Rangers so they are a mix of heritage breeds that do really well on pasture. Available as whole roasting birds, half or quartered. $5/lb

Wishing you a wonder full weekend and lots of cool drinks.

All the best,
The Moondance Team