Farm Blog - Great time to plant for summer abundance

Happy last week of May, whew I think we're through the last frost threat but always worth paying attention to night times for the next couple of weeks! First week of June seems to be the safest and most productive time to get the frost tender plants in. To let your plants get the strongest root system and get settled into it's new home.......remove any flowers and even the buds! Seems like such a hard thing to do but it is a gift to the plant. If flowers or fruit have set, the plant will focus it's energy on gowing the flower/fruit. No matter what, the plant will do it's best to survive and produce what it can!

Reminder(with all the rain, the 5th Line just past our laneway is closed),.
- no access from the South (25th sr)
- access through 5th line and Willoughby rd, 90Hwy side

Garden Center open:
Thurs. thru Sat.'s 9am - 4pm

All plants 10% off this weekend

payment options, cash, debit, etransfer available

It's a Great time to plant, lots of moisture and temperatures look seasonal.
Some planting tips:
- plants need room for their roots to grow, pay attention to suggested spacing
- plant short season crops like radish, spinach, leaf lettuce, arugula between slower growing plants like tomatoes and peppers (these short season crops are very shallow rooted and won't affect the deeper roots of tomatoes/peppers)
- plant your tomatoes, pepper to half way up the stem in the ground. the stem in the ground will form more roots and your plant will be twice as resilient

Seed Racks: Aimers Organic Seeds- great selection of vegetable and herb seeds.
Direct seed outside now, beans, peas, beets, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, melons
OSC - Flower seed of so many varieties. Fun to seed directly in the ground are calendula, nasturtiums, morning glory, zinnia, cosmos. Wild flower blends, pollinator packs and more.

Wide selection of Fruit Shrubs, Flowering Shrubs, Perennials from tall to small there's something for every garden and yard.

Potting soil and compost also available

Fresh Produce Asparagus crisp and delicious, Rhubarb is ready, lots of spring greens, bagged and PYO. Come say "hello" to our 4 baby goats and the baby chicks will be venturing to the great outdoors as of next week!

May you have a delicious week ahead
All the best,
Kim & Tom