Farm Blog - Great Thyme to stock up before the Christmas Weekend

Hello from the snowy gardens. I hope you are doing well in the busyness of the season.

Market Stand open
Saturday Dec. 15th, 10am - 4pm

Potatoes (yukon, red, russet)
Apples, Ida red and Macintosh
Squash, buttercup, butternut, pepper, carnival
Cabbage, savoy, green round, small red
small beets
fennel bulbs
Garlic, lots
nice Cool Kale

Frozen options,
chopped Zucchini, stewed Tomatoes
chopped Peaches, chopped Nectarines, Coronation seedless Grapes

Good supply of eggs.

Great for making soup stock, turkey feet are available and some chicken feet.

Which is a great start to one of my most favourite things in the winter, Roasted Squash Soup. Check out the attached recipe at the bottom in light blue text.

Here's to staying healthy and happy in this hectic time.
All the best,