Farm Blog - Gardening Time

Happy first week of June, Gardeners!

We hope you're enjoying the warm weather and spending plenty of time in your gardens. Here's the latest from June Garden Center:

Fresh Herb Teas: A Refreshing Summer Delight
Nothing beats the taste of fresh herb tea made from your own garden. Here are a few easy recipes to get you started: Try the fresh sprigs (leaves) in a cup or teapot, and you can easily dry these herbs for later use.

Mint Tea: Simply steep fresh mint leaves in hot water for a refreshing drink.
Lemon Balm Tea: A calming tea made by steeping lemon balm leaves.
Rosemary Tea: Steep rosemary sprigs for a fragrant and energizing tea.
* add a small leaf of stevia for a sweet treat, honey and maple syrup are yummy too
** make a big batch and enjoy iced herb tea

Perfect Time to Plant!
June is the ideal month for planting a variety of vegetables and herbs. Get your hands dirty and enjoy the process of nurturing your garden to life. Remember, a well-timed planting can lead to a bountiful harvest!

We have great tea plants ready for your gardens and containers, lemon balm, strawberry mint, mohito mint, lavender, orange balm, stevia and more.

Seedling Sale: 20% Off
To help you get started or expand your garden, all vegetable and herb seedlings (plants) are now 20% off! Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a newbie, our high-quality seedlings will set you on the right path.

Important Access Reminder
Due to recent rains, the 5th Line just past our laneway is closed:

No access from the South (25th SR)
Access through 5th Line and Willoughby Rd, 90 Hwy side

Garden Center Hours
We are open:
Thursday to Saturday: 9am - 4pm
Payment options include cash, debit, and e-transfer.

Planting Tips
This is a great time to plant with plenty of moisture and seasonal temperatures. Here are some tips for a successful garden:

Succession Planting: Some crops benefit from being planted multiple times through the season. This works well for radishes, salad mix, spinach, arugula, cilantro, dill, bush beans, and carrots. Planting every 3-4 weeks ensures a continuous harvest.

Seed Racks
We have a fantastic selection of seeds:

Aimers Organic Seeds: A great selection of vegetable and herb seeds. Direct seed outside now with beans, peas, beets, carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, and melons.
OSC Flower Seeds: Many varieties including calendula, nasturtiums, morning glories, zinnias, and cosmos. We also have wildflower blends and pollinator packs.
Shrubs and Perennials
We offer a wide selection of fruit shrubs, flowering shrubs, and perennials. From tall to small, there's something for every garden and yard.

Potting Soil and Compost
Available to meet all your planting needs.

Fresh Produce
Enjoy fresh asparagus, crisp and delicious rhubarb, and lots of spring greens. Available bagged or pick-your-own (PYO).

Meet Our Baby Animals
Come say "hello" to our four baby goats. Plus, the baby chicks will be venturing outdoors vry soon!

May you have a delicious week ahead.

All the best,
Kim & Tom