Farm Blog - Fruit season and farm produce

Hello from the gardens, so thrilled to get some significant rain finally and have been enjoying some cooler temperatures.

Seed racks are still here for veg, herbs and flowers but will be going back to OSC by the end of July. Time to stock up on what you need.

Delicious Fruit has arrived a small family orchard in Niagra produces ecologically grown fruit (following organic practices), tree ripened and delicious. Available to order through the Online Market, remember you need to sign in to order, just let me know if you have any issues with this process.

Online Market new items are being added each week, available for orders on Thursday thru Saturday. New this week are kale, chard, garlic and more.

What a challenging season and my thoughts go out to all those growing your own garden. The bug pressure has been intense, the heat high and water a challenge. Have had a few recent questions:

Cucumber beetles, attack all the vines, and can decimate plants quickly. No perfect solution other than row cover when the plants first get planted. Otherwise, we use sticky traps to decrease numbers, apply diatomaceous earth, and this season finally going to resort to spraying some Neem oil.

Blossom end rot, (tomatoes are black on the bottom) generally a sign of low calcium. Diatomaceous earth is high in calcium, eggshells soaked in water or crumbled up around plants all help.

Talking with another grower we concluded that growing food requires Patience and Perseverance! Don't give up, plants want to grow and will do their best and our job is to support them the best we can. There is always loss, there is always change and the opportunity is to appreciate what is and any food that we are blessed to enjoy.

Looking to learn more? Want to get your hands in the soil? Want some free exercise? We would love to have you come and help in the gardens. Morning or afternoon times Tuesday thru Saturday all possible, limit of 4 people. Come once or weekly. Looking forward to hearing from you.

All the best,
Kim & Tom