Farm Blog - Fresh Greens, Carrots, Seeds for planting

Hello from the gardens, what a week of July like weather. Nice but also challenging. This is the season for cool crops, as in they like it cool. So when it get's hot these cool loving plants get stressed and Bolt (send up a stem and then flowers) cause they want to produce seeds. Unfortunate cause all the energy then goes into the flowering process and not into new leaves. Happily the flowers and stalks are super tasty and nutritious.

So come taste test some delicious flowering heads, you won't believe how tasty they are.

Greenhouse Open Saturday April 15th, 10am - 2pm
- we'll show you how to harvest
- encourage taste testing
- reduce plastic and bring your own bag or container

200g for $5 mix and match or single items

Spinach, arugula, salad mix, bok choi, spicy mustard, kale, green onions, radish

Fresh dug Carrots super sweet carrots that were in the ground all winter
- we won't have any more for a couple of months

Vegetable, Herb & Flower Seeds for sale
- selection of Organic Veg and Herb seeds
- beautiful flower seeds to add biodiversity your garden

Onion Sets, to grow Red, Spanish and Yellow bulb onions


CSA Veggie Baskets - new simplified format

- 15 weeks of the best from the gardens
- 2 sizes to suit your needs
- includes 6-10 veg items and you pick herbs and flowers
- best of nutritious, seasonal eating

For more info check out

For signup form:

Spring Garden Center Opening Sat. May 6th

- early spring greens to plant
- seeds and amendments
- compost and top soil
- salad bowls (cut and come again)

Wishing you a most wonderful weekend and looking forward to seeing you in the gardens.

All the best,
Kim & Tom