Farm Blog - Feels like winter

Wow winter is coming! So happy to have the garlic in the ground, the winter rye planted and lots stored in the big cooler.

Available at our Market Stand
We found some tasty watermelons we put in the cooler!

Tomatillos and jalapenos for tasty salsa verde, see the link below for recipe!

Potatoes, Yukon, Red, Russet. from 1lb to 50 lb bags

Carrots, not many left for the season, so sweet!

Cherry tomatoes to go with those salad greens.

Sweet crisp radishes

Cabbage, savoy and standard green

Apples, Macintosh, Ida Red, Golden Delicious

Lots of Kale, Swiss Chard, Salad Mix

Reminder, only a few turkey's left for Christmas orders. Nov. chickens all spoken for. Thank You!

Wishing you a wonder full week.

All the best, the Moondance Team