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Hello from the gardens. Hard not to talk about the weather these days but I am going to restrain myself and just looks hopeful ahead.
The baby goats certainly enjoy the sunny days and are so much fun to watch.

New this week:
Online Market carrots (fresh dug orange or purple), sheep cheese (various flavours and fetta),

Seedling Order Form Link Below!
Seed potatoes (french fingerling, bellanita, russian blue, cherry red)
Salad bowls (for a continuous harvest of salad greens), Herb Planters
6 pack potted garlic for planting, Hot pack peppers (2 jalapenos, 2 chilies, 2 cayenne), carrots (freshly dug orange or purple), sheep cheese (various flavours and fetta), cell packs of mustard greens, bok choi, tatsoi. New kids planting pack for transplanting tomatoes into 3"pots.

Fruit Shrubs have arrived:
1 gallon pots of strawberries- $8.50
1 gallon pots - black current, raspberry, blackberry, gooseberry, elderberry, blueberry, grapes, goji berry and dwarf sour cherry. all $14.50 each. I'll have them out in front of the greenhouse and will get them on the order form soon.

What full days of trying to keep up with everything that needs to happen this time of the season. I appreciate your patience with my sporadic keeping up with communication, but seedlings and planting is key to having abundance for the summer.

I was really hoping to have a community garden space here but don't have the time/energy/capacity to would like to offer:

Wild Edibles: so much goodness for us and tis a great season for
Dandelions: check out the link below for a great article from my favourite forager Karen Sanderson.
Want to come and harvest, Fridays are going to be the wild harvesting days. Let me know and come harvest what you can use.

Grow your own Garden we are offering space to grow your own garden here at the farm, 10x20'. I know not everyone has space or ideal conditions and still want you to be able to enjoy the benefits of growing some of your own food. Send me a message and we can talk further.

We do this as part of our vision that everyone should have access to fresh, nutritious food and there are many layers to the good that happens when all of us are well.

Yours in community,
Kim & Tom