Farm Blog - Farm Market Update, Happy Long Weekend

Happy August and Long Weekend

Amazing what a little warm weather does for the gardens. What kind of beans do you like? If you haven't tried the flat Italian beans you are missing out but the green, yellow and purple make an amazing salad.

Open Wed. - Fri. 9am-7pm, Sat. 9am-6pm, Sun. 10am-4pm,
Holiday Monday 10am-2pm

Fresh carrots, Candy cane beets, Flavourful garlic, Pickling cucumbers (small quantities), Nappa cabbage, Snow peas, Pod peas, 5 types of Kale, Rainbow chard, Sweet and spicy salad leaf mix, Stirfry mix and an abundance of Basil.

Pesto made and ready for all your pasta and snacking dishes, Basil pesto or Cilantro pesto.

Juicy fresh fruit, Apricots, Yellow Plums, Peaches. Tree ripened, no or low spray. Yummy.

Local Sheep Cheese, hard and feta

Lots of baking and preserves.

Fresh or Frozen Muscovy Duck available, $5.50/lb So many ways to cook but as usual Jamie know how to keep it real....

Yoga- Sat. 10-11

Children's Garden Camp, still a few spots available. August 21st-25th.

Wagon Wheel Cafe, organic fresh ground espresso style coffee. Come check it out for a real coffee treat.

Happy Long Weekend.

My smile for the day, a lovely customer said "even your weeds look healthier than mine". I think that's great cause even the weeds are tasty!

Cheers from the Moondance Team.