Farm Blog - Farm Market update

Hello from the gardens,

Market Stand not open.

What an interesting day yesterday turned out to be. We had just got the Market Stand put back together after the flooding from a couple of weeks ago and were stocking up items when the wind gusts decided to lift the whole building up and mangle the one end.

Thankfully no one was hurt in trying to secure both greenhouses which were trying to both lift off! Many Thanks to friends and family who lent a hand rescuing plants, securing polly and helping out to minimize the damage.

This was to be our first weekend opening the Market Stand but we will be working on trying to figure out how to put things back together at this point. Our hope is to be open next weekend!

We are looking forward to having some fun on the farm in a couple of weeks, check out the Spring Fling link below.

June 9th is a wonderful woman's retreat Root to Rise, check out the attached flyer for further information.

Here's to some calm, clear days ahead.

Thank you for your understanding.

The Moondance Team