Farm Blog - Fall Thyme

Happy Fall and almost Thanksgiving.

It's a great time to stock up!

Available this week:

Special cabbage roll cabbages (they are flat and have thin easy to roll leaves), hard green cabbage, last of the nappa
Potatoes, yukon and russet
Beets, with tops or only roots, variety of types
Winter Squash, butternut, buttercup, pepper, sweet potato, spaghetti, Yuri Kurki (small type of hubbard)
Zucchini, variety of sizes and types
Cucumbers, many types and sizes
Tomatoes, large, salad, cherry
Salad Leaf mix, Spicy Leaf mix, Arugula, Kale, Swiss Chard, Stir Fry mix, Beet greens

New, Liberty (multipurpose heritage), Davis (cooking heritage)
Mac's and the last of the honeycrisp

3 types of plums
Juicy nectarines, last of the peaches
Blue and red table grapes

So much delicious, nutritious food waiting for you and beautiful fall scenes to walk around the farm. If you get a chance go see the spectacular big turkey's in the back pen.

Here's to a great week ahead,
All the best,
the Moondance Team