Farm Blog - Fall Fun

What a wonderfully interesting September. It seems like I can remember summers this hot when I was young and days baling straw and hay were so hot all you did was sweat. But certainly, not anytime in recent years have I remembered this type of extreme heat.

I hope everyone's first week of September has gone as smooth as possible with back to school, last frantic holidays and the settling into more routine.

So much delicious food from the gardens with the last harvest of Nappa Cabbage, such a versatile veg, check out the link below for great ideas.

Carrots, beets, cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, kale, chard, stirfry mix, beet greens, hard cabbage, sweet or hot peppers all from the gardens.

Sweet yellow or Peaches & Cream corn from Harris farms

Organic Seedless Coronation Grapes, from 4 Wheel farm

Ecologically grown, tree ripened delicious freestone peaches, nectarines and blue plums from Palentines family orchard

Gluten free brownie loaves, organic homemade breads, chocolate chip cookies, peach pies from Grace's wonder kitchen

Fall Children's Growing Lessons are getting ready to start next week (6 week session ending mid Oct.). Options for Wed. evening, Thurs. am and Sat. am. We love having parents, grandparents, Aunts/Uncles, Guardians involved with the groups. Check out the below attached flyer for more details and please feel free to share with other people who you know may be interested.

Cheese Making Workshop, Tues. Sept. 25th 6:30- 9:30pm. Learn to make Feta cheese and ricotta. Yum. See attached.

Time to think about Turkey!
Our Heritage Turkeys are raised on pasture where they have an abundance of grass, grubs, bugs along with all the weeds and vegetable seconds from our organic market garden. This diet results in first-class flavour, perfect for those special Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners!

Our pasture raised Orlopp Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys are $5.50/lb. These traditional heirloom turkeys have a delicious, unique flavor. The white meat is more of a camel colour and the entire bird is juicier and more flavourful than the standard white turkeys which dominate the market. This breed of birds was created in the 1940's by breeding the standard white's with wild turkeys. The standard whites contributed to the sizing and the wild turkey genes set the flavour. Our bronze Orlopps are processed on the Thursday before the holiday weekend so they are fresh not frozen for your table.

The testimonials on the birds are; " My relatives kidded me on the price of the birds but after having them they insist I supply the Turkey for every holiday function. " or " Some of my relatives have not enjoyed the holiday turkey tradition in the past but that changed after experiencing the taste of the Bronze Orlopps. Now they are Turkey fans!" I hope you enjoy the end result of the work we put into raising our Bronze Orlopps.

When placing an order we ask for a $20 to $50 deposit on the birds to assist with the processing costs. Sizes range from 15lbs to 26lbs and are available for pickup at our farm Friday, Oct 5 9am to 7pm, Sat 9am to 5pm, Sun 10am to 4pm and even holiday Monday 10am to 2pm. Sizes are on a first come first served basis. Happy Holidays.

Orders are beginning to fill for the Thanksgiving holiday, and for Xmas there will be a small batch of birds available.

What a great month to enjoy lots of time outside and enjoy our beautiful Canadian fall.

All the best,
the Moondance Team