Farm Blog - Canadian Version of April

Hello from the gardens, What an interesting April, seems like the groundhog was right! Thank goodness for our grow room which is overflowing with seedlings. A nice spritz of lavender water is one of the things that keeps our seedlings healthy. There's a fungal disease that causes the stem of seedlings to wither and die called Damping Off disease. A few drops of lavender essential oil in a spray bottle makes all the difference, good for us too!

It's great having time to plan and get ready. Check out our Spring Fling flyer (attached). Sat. May 19th will be a full, fun day here at the farm.

A little sooner, Sat. April 28th we have our last Bliss Naturals skin cream making workshop. We will offer this and other Bliss workshops in the fall again. (See attached).

This Saturday, April 21st we have our full day workshop here at the farm to help you grow your own garden. Our "Spring Intensive" is a day to plan, plant, learn how to bring a garden into being, or improve on past experience. (See attached).

Market Stand Opening, Thurs. May 3rd. Season's fresh Maple Syrup, the best Feta Cheese, sweet crunchy spinach, tasty arugula, cool season plants (lettuce, kale, spinach), Lorraine's Beeswax Candles which I didn't keep enough of for this winter.
Growing Supplies, Aimer's Organic Seeds, Cow Pots (for planting in), Large bales of potting soil, Compost, Seedling plants, Mineral mix, Diatomatious Earth.

Even though all you see is snow, many things are starting to stir below. Spring Is Coming!

Wishing you the very best,
The Moondance Team