Farm Blog - Baskets open for substitutions

Happy Fathers Day, I hope you are finding a cool way to enjoy these warm days. So happy that Wed. and Sat. look like reasonable weather days for picking up.

Baskets are set up for this coming week and you can now log in to see what's available and make substitutions if you wish.
- log in and check the order date (for Wed. or Sat. depending on which one you signed up for) and it lists the basket items
- skip basket, log in (click on "CSA Season" (lower white tab bar)), you should see a list of all the weeks and "skip" button on the right.

The start of the season is always tricky to know what will be ready, how much we can harvest in one week and what the weather is going to do.
I really thought the romaine would be ready but it should be next week.
I was hopeful that peas would be available but really just trying to keep them alive in this heat.
Thought we would have arugula and spinach but arugula has been eaten by flea beetles and spinach is struggling in this heat.
Welcome to the joy and agony of gardening life!

So I am thrilled that we have amazing salad mix, green onions, garlic scapes and more. Lambsquarters is in the basket as well as garlic scape/lambsquarter/parsley pesto.
Lambs quarters Quick Facts
Name: Lambs quarters
Scientific Name: Chenopodium album
Origin Originally from Europe and Asia
Colors Green (Leaf)
Shapes Leaves are alternate, simple, green above, and mealy-white below. They can be triangular, diamond-shaped, or lanceolate.
Taste Earthy, mineral rich taste
Calories 58 Kcal./cup
Major nutrients Vitamin K (741.33%)
Vitamin A (100.57%)
Vitamin C (74.00%)
Calcium (46.40%)
Manganese (41.09%)

Health benefits Helps Support Eye Health, Reduces Cholesterol, Control Sugar level, Prevents Premenstrual Depression, Treatment of Cancer, Supports Skin Health and Cell Growth, Osteoporosis

Garlic Scapes are going to be available for a while and I hope you come to love this savory treat as much as we do. I'll talk more soon about all the ways you can use them.

All in all the gardens are growing relatively well considering the extreme heat and dry conditions we have been experiencing.

I included 3 potted plants in your basket (tomato, herb, flower) we have more types and varieties than listed and will have a selection out for you to choose your own, so you could choose 3 flowers or 3 tomatoes or whatever works best for you. Probably one more week after this one for plants.

Please let me know if you have questions or suggestions,
All the best,