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Work Share Partners Information

Moondance Organic Gardens is excited about making new connections through a Work Share Partnership & the opportunities it offers our customers. The benefits to you are physical, economic and educational.

Work Share, the purpose is threefold:
- The option of working in exchange for a CSA share or community garden plot is an economic benefit for those who appreciate doing physical work
- The farm benefits from Work Share partners who contribute a significant amount of labour and become a part of the field team
- To increase knowledge and skills of growing market garden vegetables and all that it entails

How does it work
- Commit to joining our growing activities on a weekly basis (day & time options)
- In exchange for vegetable shares, partners work an allocated amount of hours over the growing season, depending on the desired share
- It's like growing a huge garden in your backyard but we get to do it together and enjoy the synergy of people coming together
- Enthusiasm, curiosity & interest are the key elements
We're all here to learn.

Work Share differs from volunteering in two ways:
> The barter is agreed upon before any work is put in, and
> The work-share partner commits to coming on a regular, consistent basis.

Each person wishing to do a Work Share must complete the Work Share Partner Contract.


CSA Share Hours Required (May - Oct.)

Half share 14 weeks: (4hrs/week for 17 weeks)
Half share 18 weeks: (4hrs/week for 21 weeks)
Full share 14 weeks: (7hrs/week for 17 weeks)
Full share 18 weeks: (7hrs/week for 21 weeks)

The 3 additional weeks gives you the opportunity to learn the seeding, planting and garden prep part of the season during May

Interested? Please fill in this application Workshare Signup Form


For reasons of safety, security, and liability, we need to limit this program to adults and in some cases to older children. We are willing to have children 11 years old or older accompany adults on a case-by-case basis. These older children need to be able to work with their parent for the full shift. Some eleven-year-old children can do this, some sixteen-year-old children can not. If you have an older child you would like to work with you, please let us know in advance.

CSA Work Share partners begin contributing their work exchange in May and
complete their work before Thanksgiving weekend. Work Share partners complete 3 work shifts before receiving the first share in the harvest. The first harvest is generally the 3rd week of June.

Special Project Work Share

As special projects arise, custom Work Share options may become available.
Could include one or a combination of:
- building or machinery maintenance
- marketing or promotional work
- farm registration processing
- other skilled work
Special project Work Share are created and offered on an as-needed basis.

Community Garden Work Share:
We are happy to exchange use of our growing areas with you and appreciate help with our gardens or sharing of other skills. We can sort out details on a personal basis. In general between 20-40 hours depending on the size of garden space you go with. Donation to the farm is also a great option!

Please contact us with questions or interest.
Here's to growing together!

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