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In case you haven't heard we are all about C O M M U N I T Y here at Anahata yoga. We're a little bias but all of our clients are friends to us.

Our 2nd Annual Outdoor Yoga Retreat is coming up June 18th!

If you are looking for an afternoon to connect with like minded people, to step away from the stress of our daily lives then this Day Retreat may be for you!

This year's theme is Mindfulness. Yes yes we've heard this word a LOT over the last few years, but it is SO important and yet most of us still struggle with being mindful.

Learn tips and tricks to take off your mat, from mindful eating with Herbalist Chelsea Vieira, Mindful creativity with Manifestation and learn to draw with local artist Gio Vescovi. And of course mindful movement a gentle yoga practice lead by Sarah Melody closing the day with a guided meditation.

OOO and our favourite, walking mediation in the forest at Moondance.

Start your morning under the sun with a Gentle Vinyasa practice lead by Sarah Melody. Walk the beautiful gardens and learn about the local plants with Moondance Organic owner Kim Keckes and Herbalist Chelsea Vieira for a Season Lead Living workshop. After lunch enjoy a silent walking meditation through the forest, followed by a guided body scan, journaling, and Manifestation Workshop led by local artist and Theta Healer Gio Vescovi.

WHEN: Saturday June 18th, 2022
TIME: 10:00AM - 2:30PM
WHERE: Moondance Organic Gardens, 8463 5th Line, Angus ON
Vegetarian Lunch included

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