Our Produce - Free Range Poultry

Our on-farm poulty guru, Tom Keckes, raises pastured chickens, ducks, and turkeys.

Tom started raising chickens and turkeys at Moondance Organic Gardens in 2011, and ducks in 2014. The birds are grass feed, and GMO and antibotic free. They're raised in chicken tractors which are portable pens that gets moved each morning to fresh grass. Our birds arrive after processing fresh, bagged, and whole.

Our birds are preordered and are available at specific times of year. We ask for a $10 deposit per bird. Contact Tom for more details.

Varieties Raised: Frey's Dual Purpose, White Rock X (Broiler).
Times of Year: Spring, Summer, Fall
Average Weight: 4-7lb
Price: $4.50/lb

Varieties Raised: White Peking
Times of Year: Summer, Fall
Average Weight: 4-7lb
Price: $5.00/lb

Varieties Raised: Large White, Orlopp Bronze
Times of Year: pre-Thanksgiving, pre-Christmas
Average Weight: 14-26lb
Price: $5.00/lb